gunners' exo art graveyard
/// Please do not repost or edit images. I'd also appreciate if you didn't remove the captions off my posts. Thank you. I'm currently on a semi-hiatus due to work. I apologize for the lack of updates. ///

Hey guys! 

I’m not dead. (Here’s proof) I just wrapped up school and now I’m treating myself to a well-deserved vacation. I intend to wrap up my hiatus starting October.

My first stop in my trip is Japan (Tokyo, majority of the time), followed by Korea (Seoul, mainly) and HK. My stay is extending to the end of September. If anyone has any suggestions of good places to eat and visit, please let me know! 

If anyone wants to follow me and my travels I’ll be updating on my Instagram @itslatom and maybe on Twitter @runnxgun.

"They aren’t exclusive. Never have been.”


for exorelieffund, @scratchcake

The me who didn’t know how to be thankful for love
The me who thought that the end was the end
To the image of you who wanted me to be, I fixed myself everyday
I think my love will continue on forever.

Merry Christmas girlgroupbot!

MAMA 2013 Portrait Collection 

A series of super quick sketches drawn from various fan photos all taken during the MAMAs today. Congrats boys We are so proud of you! 

I hope you can still tell who everyone is… I really struggle with LQ references. 

Totally stealing your collage technique Vic

"Spring is lovely. Spring is beautiful. But Spring cannot last forever.”


I wasn’t going to post this originally but I blame both Vic and Twin for forcing me to. 

Sketch Challenge Round 2: 1 minute reference

Kris, Kyungsoo, Kai - all drawn with reference for the first minute, and sketched from memory for the rest (as a result of people looking over my shoulder OTL). Each done in 3-5 minutes while I was on day trips!

Shout out to Vic (I finally drew your bias!), Pucca (thanks for your Sehunnie photocard!), and Nina (thanks for helping plan my trip!)

I owe you guys a lot. I’ll make you separate drawings eventually, but enjoy these for now! T^T

"The third is the Floating World, the Reality. In this world, everyone is sad, or happy, or angry. Maybe a bit of it all at once, but usually not. That’s a hard combination to achieve. People hate and fight, but people love and kiss; no one is perfect, and neither is society. The sun shines some days. On others, the sky is sodden with tears of the clouds. It is imperfect. Live, die, in the grey.This is where I want to love you again. 

So meet me where the sky touches the sea. Wait for me where the Floating World begins.”


OT3 in three. 

Luhan, Jongin, Sehun - three minutes each. School has started and I have zero free time but I have convinced myself that drawing exo during coffee breaks is most definitely ok. 

"As a tear was shed, he said, ‘I want to go home.’”

-48 hours, 辛辛息息 (trans)

A companion piece to a drawing done by my twin

I do not deviate towards you. I deviate towards perfection.”